ADA Access to the Beach and Bay

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Public access pier

A 10’ x 103’ x 12’ pier which extends from the west corner of the yacht club property pier adjacent to Vassar Avenue and crosses the beach with a minimum of 10’ of clearance.

ADA access onto the pier

A 30’ x 6’ ADA ramp from the end of Vassar road up and onto the pier

ADA access onto the beach

A 4’ x 90’ ADA ramp from the pier down to the beach

Public water walk

The public pier and the adjacent water walk create a 10,000 square foot public space to view the bay and have a walkway on the water. An area between the foot of the gangway and the YC dock space will provide shallow water access, viewing, sitting, ADA craft launching.

Regatta center

Youth, adult, and adaptive sailing center that provides 2 pavilions for instruction space and storing equipment.

Transit dock/floating breakwater

The transit dock will provide transitory tie-up for vessels greater than 30’ is installed at the outboard end of the floating dock. The inner dock areas require protection from storm waves generated by southern storm winds. A robust floating transit dock provides the necessary protection from these waves.

Yacht Club Storage

The current Half Moon Bay Yacht Club dock would be incorporated into the water walk